First, go to Settings, then Preferences or press Ctrl+P.

Click “Create Account”

Make sure to choose SIP and press next.

The format of a one line SIP URI is as follows:


Replace "xxxx" with the information in Callision,
which can be found in the settings tab of the web dialer.

For example, I would enter: 


Enter your password as shown in Callision and press next.

The next screen will allow you to set a user-friendly display name for the account.
 Zoiper will check the configuration and if it succeeds your account will be saved and connect.


Go to "Softphone" at the top and click "Account Settings"

In Account Settings input the details found in the settings tab of the Callision dialer.

Your User ID is the Username, and Domain is Server:Port

Once you've done that click "OK"
X-Lite will validate the settings and connect automatically.


If you have never used 3CXPhone before this screen will pop up: 

Click on Create Profile or if you do not get this screen click the button at the bottom of the phone, and click on the Accounts button.

Click New

Enter your Username in the Extension and ID fields, your Password in the Password field, and click the "I am out of the office - external IP" radio button. Put the Server:Port in that field. You can find all these details in the Settings tab of your dialer.

3CXPhone will validate your settings and connect when you click okay and exit the Accounts window.

Zoiper Mobile

First, tap the button in the top left corner of the screen.

Then, scan the QR Code located on the Settings tab of the Callision Web Dialer

If all goes well you will get a message that provisioning was successful

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