First, configure the voicemail greeting:

1. Open the user's menu.
2. Select "Voicemail Settings".

3. Select the language for the Text-to-Speech function in the "Text-to-Speech Language" drop-down list.

4. Type the text in the Text-To-Speech input field, for the "Unavailable" and "Busy" sections.
5. Click "Save".

You can upnload an audio file to greet your voicemail.
To do this, follow these steps:

1. Select "Upload file" from the drop-down lists "Unavailable" and "Busy".
2. Click "Select an audio file ..." button.
3. Select an audio file. (Audio options: WAV, Mono, 8000Hz or MP3).
4. Click "Open".
5. After uploading the file.
6. Click "Save".

To return to the standard greeting, follow these steps:

1. Select "Default" from the drop-down lists "Unavailable" and "Busy".
2. Click "Save".

To enable the "Send to Email" option, perform the following steps:

1. Click "Send to Email" switch.
2. Enter the email address in the input field.
3. Click "Save".

To listen to voice mail via Webphone, follow these steps:

1. Open Webphone.
2. Click "Voicemail" button. (You can also make a call to the number "** extension").
3. Enter the password via the webphone keypad.
4. Follow the instructions that you will hear.

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