To configure your IP phone, open the device settings and follow these steps:

1. Go to the "SIP" section.
2. In the "Address" field, enter
3. In the "Port" field, enter "5068".
4. From the "Transport" drop-down list, select "TCPonly".

5. Click "Submit".
6. After rebooting the device, go to its settings.
7. Go to the "Line" section.
8. In the "Display Name" field, enter display name.
9. In the "Address" field, enter "your".
10. In the "Auth User ID" field, enter your Username.
11. In the "Auth Password" field, enter your Password.
12. In the "Address" field in the "Server 1" section, enter
13. In the "Port" field in the "Server 1" section, enter "5068".
14. In the "Transport" drop-down list in the "Server 1" section, select "TCPonly".
15. Click "Submit".

Username and Password can be found in the Callision Webphone settings as well as Settings>Users>user>Phone>SIP Settings

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