A virtual office is needed to monitor the activities of the company's employees. The Virtual Office section is at the bottom of the page.

In the header section Virtual Office displays the status counters (Online, Offline, Away, Busy) and the Virtual Office search tool.

Virtual Office displays several types of information. It displays information on Groups, Queues and Conference rooms, as well as the ability to create your own tabs for different purposes. To switch the displayed information, click tab you need.

The Groups tab contains information about company groups.

In the group section, users' cards, their statuses and activity are displayed. In the header section of the Group there are filters by status. To activate the filter, click it.

Also in the header section of the Group there is a user sorting tool, a button for adding / removing users, a group settings button and a group chat button.
The Group Chat button opens a chat with all members of this group.

The Queues tab displays all queues in the company. With this tab you can see how your queues work. How many employees are on call, how many calls are on hold and other important information.

The Conference Room tab displays all the conference rooms of your company. Sections of the Conference Rooms show the conference participants.

You can add your own tabs. To do this, click "+" button.

Enter the name of the tab in the input field and click "Confirm" button.

In the new tab you can create your own groups, which will be displayed only in the Virtual Office. To create a new group, click "Add new group" button.

Enter the name of the group in the input field and click "Confirm" button.

The new group is displayed in the tab. To add users to the group, click "Add/Remove User" button.

The user cards are displayed. Click "+" in the user's card to add it to the group. 

Then click "Add / Remove User" button. Users will be displayed in a new group.

To delete a user from the group, click "Add / Remove User" button. Then click "x" button on the desired user card.

Click "Add / Remove User" button and the user will stop displaying in the group.

To delete a group, click "Delete" button.

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