To get started, create a new Callision user by going to Settings > Users, and pressing the “+ New User” button.


The user’s general settings include their name and credentials, as well as the user role - Admin, Supervisor, or an Agent. Admins have unrestricted access to all Callision functionality and parameters except for billing; supervisors can see the reports of their group mates, and agents are limited only to their own settings. After selecting a role, you can either click “Save” to create the user, or proceed to tune the rest of the user’s properties in other tabs.

After saving the user, we will switch over to the next tab to adjust phone-related settings. Here, you can enable call recording for the user, disable their browser phone, and assign a specific extension. You can also buy and assign phone numbers here, get settings for your desk- or softphone, as well as select the carrier and the CallerID that will be used for outbound calls.

Please note: your CallerID cannot be empty!


The Forwarding tab allows you to configure where and when your calls will be sent. Create a work schedule by selecting a time zone, picking the days off, and adjusting the work start and end times either for each individual day, or for all of them simultaneously. After this, configure the Working Days Routing by adding steps and phone numbers with their respective timeouts - the amount of time the step will ring prior moving on to the next one.


The Messaging tab allows you to enable or disable chat and voicemail of the user, as well as configure the voicemail password, forward voice messages to emails, as well as set up greetings for when you are either on the phone or disconnected. You can either upload the greetings or generate them using the built-in text-to-speech engine.

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