Click “+ New Conference Room” to create a virtual extension that can be dialed by your employees to access the Room.

  • General

Type in an extension or leave the field blank to have one generated for you. Pick a name for your conference, as well as the “User” and “Admin” PIN codes for accessing the conference rooms. You may also choose to wait for the conference “Admin” before all parties are bridged together.

  • Sounds

For every conference room you can choose to either enable or disable music on hold and various in-conference announcements. 

        > Announce Only User - Announce to a user when they join an empty                               conference

       >  Announce User Count - Sets if the number of users should be announced to the            user

      >   Announce when Users Join/Leave - Prompt user for their name when joining a              conference and play it to the conference when they enter

You can also change the language of the aforementioned announcements by selecting your preferred language underneath.

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