Interactive Voice Responder distributes calls based on schedule and the options that you have assigned to the numeric phone keys dialed as a result of voice prompts (Example: You have reached ABC Corp. Please press one to reach Sales, press two for Customer Service).

Callision’s visual IVR builder with text to speech and advanced scheduling will help you route users through appropriate menus and to the right department.

Click “+ New IVR” to create an interactive auto-attendant that will greet people calling your organization. Name your IVR, and either pick an extension number or leave the field blank and one will be generated for you. Select your time zone and click “Save”.

After an IVR is created, you are able to assign phone numbers to it in the “Calls” section of the IVR configuration and proceed to customize greetings and recordings in the Virtual Office section below.

The IVR constructor is divided into three parts - Schedule routing, Out of Schedule routing, and Holiday/Emergency routing.

  • Schedule

By default, all schedules in the system are configured to span 24/7, for an easier default configuration. You can adjust the time period the IVR will apply to by clicking the gear icon on the Schedule block of the IVR constructor. Name your schedule (e.g. “weekdays”) and click on the days that you want it to be active, making them green. Underneath, drag handles to select a time range. Please note that you can create multiple schedules for every IVR, “layering” one over the other, by clicking the down arrow next to the gear icon. In the event of schedule overlaps, the newest created schedule will prevail.

  • Out of Schedule

After clicking on “Out of Schedule”, you will see an IVR branch appear below - it will apply at times outside of the bounds defined by all schedule layers. You may proceed setting it up as you would a regular Schedule branch.

  • Holiday/Emergency

The Emergency schedule will apply solely during the time period defined by a specific Emergency. To start, click the arrow next to the Holiday/Emergency block and create a new event. After naming your event, define the time range it will apply to by adding the Start and End dates and times and click “Save”.

After creating a schedule, the initial “Start” branch will appear with a gear icon in its right-hand corner. Clicking it will open the settings of the branch - here you can name your branch, set up the timeout, and configure an audio announcement.

Every branch contains steps - the digits callers press on their phone keypads to navigate your voice menu. To create a step, click the “Add new step” button, select which keypad digit you’d like to assign the step to, and pick the step destination. You can also temporarily disable steps, and configure step timeouts - the time, in seconds, after which the step prompt will be repeated.

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