You can make and receive calls multiple ways, including desk phones, softphones, and our integrated, browser-based Web Phone.

By default, you have three lines that you are able to switch between, using one of them while the other lines are on hold.

To make an outgoing call, simply select an internal contact (either from the “Contacts” section, or right from your Webphone) or type in the phone number and press the call button. You can also change your CallerID (the number the people you call will see on their phone when you call them) right from the “Settings” tab of your Webphone. You can use one of your available numbers or leverage our Local CallerID Add-On, covered in more detail in the Add-Ons section.

Your incoming calls will ring all of your active devices and will produce a desktop notification if those are enabled in your browser.

Once you answer an incoming call it will be displayed along with the rest of the calls within your organization in the “Active Calls” section of Callision.

Here you can perform various actions including transferring the call, listening in on a conversation, whispering to an individual caller, or joining the call as a new member. 

After a call has ended, its details will appear in the “Recents” section, accessible from the page header. For a more detailed view, go to the “Reports” section of your Callision web interface.

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