Cutting edge and “big data”-enabled, Callision Reports can summarize and graph extremely large sets of interaction data to provide accurate and actionable insights into your company or contact center operations.

The “Reports” section provides insight into historical call activity within your organization. It is divided into four parts, representing different report groupings - by user, by group, by queue, as well as the ungrouped calls. 

To run a report, either select a start and an end date and click “Submit”, or pick a predefined period below the date picker. Quick ranges include reports for last month, last week, current month, current week, and the current day.

Once a range is selected, the “Detailed Statistics” block gets populated with data, and a graph reflecting that data is generated above it. Items including call duration, wait time, and call quantity are plotted on the graph, and each of those items can be disabled by clicking it in the “legend” section below the graph. Pie charts right below the graph highlight the call results and direction distribution and are updated along with the chart above once the date range is adjusted or filtering is applied in the “Detailed Statistics” section underneath. If you scroll down to the bottom of the “Calls” section, you will see totals and averages for a number of metrics for your predefined period, statistics crunched by Callision’s Big Data 

Additional data filters can be applied using the funnel icons located in the column headers of the “Detailed Statistics” section. Once a filter is applied, the table below will update, with changes reflected in the pie charts and the graph above automatically. At any given time you may export the current view of “Detailed Statistics” for further analysis in any third party spreadsheet software or database by clicking the “Export” button in the top right corner of the “Reports” section.

You can also drill down into individual calls to get detailed information about all of the redirects and transfers that have happened in the context of a particular customer interaction. If a call came to an IVR, went to an agent and got transferred to an external number you will be able to see that in call details.

For your convenience, any recorded conversation can be played back directly from reports, along with any voicemail pertaining to a particular call, with both displayed in line with the associated interaction. Call recordings and voicemails are also available for download through the “Files” module.

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